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DragonRC introduced the premounted medium type frontand rear buggy tyres for 2wd.


The front narrow ones with the familair patern, and the rear ones with low small spikes for optimal grip.


DragonRC now also offer premounted  1/10 scale Short Course truck tyres, premounted on spoked wheels, with industry standard hex.  

The tyres are medium compound with medium type foam inserts. 

DragonRc is introducing a number of bodies for several categories.  The bodies are all made in top-quality polycarbonate materials in the right thickness for durability and weight.

The program of bodies will be extended step by step, so stay tuned. 


DragonRC offers a number of products which are suitable for GT 1/8 scale racing.


This includes bodies, rubber tyres and tuned pipe sets . 

Dragon-RC introduces the complete Inline exhaust sustem for use on GT cars and buggy 1/8.

Dragon-Rc introduces the popular Lexis 190mm body in light version. 


The body is made in 0.6mm topquaity polycarbonate to reduce overall weight and increase performance.