Dragon-RC transmitter set DTS-2 on 2.4 GHz

All specs:

- 3 Channels
- End Point Adjustment
- Supports dual rate function for the STEERING
- Sub-trim for THROTTLE channel and STEERING channel
- Model name can use up to 5 letters and numbers, so recognisable names can be set.
- A model memory with different fine set up scan be created by using the model copy
- Sixteen models can be stored
- Brake mixing for large cars (BRAKE) Brake mixing of the front and rear wheels of 1/5
and other large cars can be adjusted independently.
- Anti-skid braking system (A.B.S) This function applies the brakes so that the tires of
gaspowered cars do not loose grip on the road even when braking in corners.
- SPEED TH-SPEED Sudden trigger operation on a slippery road surface
will only cause the tires to spin and the model not to accelerate smoothly. By setting
the throttle speed function, accelleration will be smooth and easy. This also reduces
battery consumption.
- ST-SPEED When you sense that the steering servo is too fast, the servo
Operatingspeed (direction that limits the maximum speed) can be adjusted.
- Auto-Start function (ATS) A pre-set throttle position, less than full throttle, to be used
for the initial acceleration off the line without having wheel spin. When the trigger is
released, auto-start is turned off and throttle operates normally again.
-Racing timer (TIMER) The device has two timers: Down-Timer and UP-Timer
-Digital trim function. The current trim position is displayed on the LCD screen.

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